Impairng memory storage, not just retrieval

So THIS is how you really impair memory storage...with an infusion of anisomycin to the dorsal hippocampus! A future PRN for trauma?

Storage or retrieval deficit: The yin and yang of amnesia — Learning & Memory


  1. Dude, the article is not free. Lame.

    Also, aren't there fairly recent studies saying that memory storage and retrieval is not as we previously imagined, i.e. computer-like. I could probably dig up the Radiolab program that I'm getting this from, but I recall that to remember something is currently seen more as a creative act. Not that the article necessarily opposes such a view since I can't read it, but the abstract makes it seem that way to me.

  2. I remember hearing something similar about the creative aspect of memory although I can't remember from where. Yeah, sucks that I can't just copy and paste the whole article on here.


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