Hope for adults with dyslexia?

Deric Bownd at MindBlog posted an interesting review by John Gabrieli showing that children with dyslexia have reduced activity of the parietal-temporal cortex for phonological processing of print. Fortunately for most of these children remediation is possible.

I find this study particulary relevant to my work with adults suffering from dyslexia. I have seen significant improvement in a few of my patients after only having several months of treatment. I can't help but think that the same remedial neurobiological process taking place within these children are also taking place within adults who finally decide to seek treatment. This may be an interesting study to persue in the future.

John Gabrieli
Dyslexia: A New Synergy Between Education and Cognitive Neuroscience
Science 17 July 2009
Vol. 325.no5938,pp.280-283


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