Thursday, April 16, 2009

Eye movement and sleep spindle

LYLE, K., LOGAN, J., & ROEDIGER, H. (2008) found that strong right handers who performed an exercise moving their eyes from left to right improved their performance on retrieval of word lists. I wonder if this exercise would also help consolidate declarative memory during sleep. Would sleep spindle activity, known to identify declarative memory consolidation, increase?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Musical training for future psychotherapists?

Strait, Kraus, Skoe, and Ashley (2009) found that musicians have an enhanced ability to recognize emotions in speech. You can find the abstract here. All you future psychotherapist out there pick up that axe and crank up that amp, cuz it's time to rock!

Neuroscience and the Interpretation of Dreams

Went to see Robert Stickhold's lecture on the role of sleep in the consolidation of memory at the Neuropsychoanalysis Lecture Series. He pretty much debunked Freud's antiquated theory of dreams and left their proponents speechless. It was a no contest debate, although hardly a debate at all.

Stickhold introduced his new SNIP model which proposes that the mind is driven to finish incomplete cogntive processes and that sleep helps facilitate this process. PTSD patients are unable to do this and so are stuck in a memory loop in which trauma is re experienced over and over again. A very fascinating model. Can't wait till it's further validated by future research.