Most Intelligent Nation?

Obviously these stats don't give us an accurate answer to the question posed due to the variety of constraints, but interesting to check out nonetheless. Must be all those damn RPGs and fish!


  1. I seriously dispute that data...

    1) They averaged pre-existing data, potentially all with different data set sizes, margins of error, etc. This would obviously give inaccurate results esp for a corollary study.

    Even if they adjusted for group sizes and other numbers, combing many hundreds of study results into a single study takes all the individual error of each study and compounding it on top of one another. Massive error is possible.

    2) India's #80?!?! with over a billion people in its population, the statistics should show it at the 100 (average) mark like China. Any time you have numbers that large, the final result should always be near or at average.

    Caveats to my rant: much of it is assumed based on common sense and what I remember from Stats =P


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